// Artistic approach //

Every protein is defined by a code of letters representing amino acids.

Due to the biological behaviour of amino acids in proteins, the extraction of a letter combination gives various artistic relevant results.

According to the early development of script letters (cuneiforms), script itself had a religious/magic function in various religious rituals. Script fixed religious “formulas” on 3D cult objects which were used for religious rituals. The first script (6000-5000 B.C.) was written on 3D cult objects.

Script/the combination of letters has a cultural value. So do proteins containing words. Like words in a language transport signals of communication, the amino acid sequence in proteins transport biochemical signals in cells.

By visualizing letter combinations in proteins, Peptomics additionally transfers amino acids into iconic signs of a newly defined sign system.

Based on the very first use of script fixing religious formulas and signs, PEPTOMICS developped the words of the seven deadly sins.

We could assume that the origin of the seven sins as words in proteins is inside the human genome.

// Words //

The basis of the project is the fact that pro-teins are defined by a sequence of amino acids represented (in an one-letter code) by letters. Nowadays it is possible to use the whole alphabet to represent an amino acid.

Script normally has no third dimension. The letters of a script system are printed on two-dimensional material like paper or can be seen on screens.

Due to the three-dimensionality of a protein structure we defined a process to visual-ize the alphabet and words in the third dimension.

We developed a new script system based on the atomic 3D values of the proteins containing a word/letter sequence.
The system refers directly to the scientific 3D structure of the protein.

The letters of our alphabet representing amino acids are the fundament of the artistic script sign as visual result.

// Eatable word pills //

The Amino Aicds of each of the seven deadly sins are filled in pills.

Each sin can be digested.

The Amino Acids of each expression will be absorbed by the blood circle and return back to their origin: The human body.


// Links //

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